11 June, 2024

"Limonati by Borjomi" - Winner of Zenith Global's Innobev Awards 2024 in the categories Best Premium Drink and Best Marketing Campaign

Best Premium Drink and Best Marketing Campaign – "Limonati By Borjomi" won two awards at Zenith Global's Annual InnoBev Awards held in London.

            The Annual InnoBev Awards are held by Zenith Global each year and assess global beverage brands on a range of criteria. This year's awards ceremony was held in London. Four nominations in 18 categories included areas such as innovation, marketing, technology, and packaging. 

The international jury named "Limonati by Borjomi" as a finalist in four categories and a winner in two among 182 entries and 37 finalists.

-       Best Premium Drink – Winner 

-       Best marketing/social media campaign - Winner

-       Best packaging design - Finalist

-       Best brand development - Finalist 


The success of "Borjomi" at international awards is praiseworthy and important, the participants and winners of which in different years became such large companies as Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, Danone. Since January 2024 Borjomi has entered the market in the category of sweet, carbonated drinks with its line of premium lemonades. "Limonati by Borjomi" is an innovative product, made with mineral water "Borjomi" and Georgian natural fruit juice. The brand's communication campaign has already started. The video tells how the legend became a reality and how the inventor created "Limonati by Borjomi" - the unique taste with the help of natural fruit and mineral water "Borjomi."

For more information explore “Limonati by Borjomi” TV Commercial

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