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Live Water

04 December, 2023

New Year's 'Kukushka' - a gateway to a fairy-tale world

In an era when the entire world was intricately connected by iron threads, Georgia, too, found itself woven into this transformative tapestry. The nineteenth century witnessed a surge in railway construction throughout the country. Remarkably, amidst challenging terrain, a railway route was unveiled at the turn of the century. In 1902, a specially imported steamer from England set sail from Borjomi to Bakuriani, its resonant voice echoing through the entire Borjomi valley. Locals, associating the sound with that of a cuckoo, affectionately dubbed it "Kukushka."

Thus, the connection between Borjomi and Bakuriani was established, and "Kukushka" evolved into a symbol of adventure's commencement. The small train leaves an indelible impression on all who journey aboard, linking travelers through shared emotions. The enchanting path hidden among the pines serves as the perfect prologue to a fairy-tale adventure. The two-hour journey feels like a prelude to an unforgettable story, heightening anticipation for the unexpected.

Inspired by this, the Borjomi New Year's video unfolds, portraying friends leaving a New Year's celebration to embark on a magical adventure after indulging in Borjomi.

Just when it seems like all planned endeavors have concluded, the unplanned takes center stage. Miracles cannot be prearranged; they must be embraced and seized.

The tale concludes as the protagonists embark on an unexpected journey aboard the suddenly appearing "Kukushka." This underscores that the essence lies not solely in the destination but in the journey itself, in the adventure.


Maintaining an inspired mindset along the path leads to continual novelty, perpetual marvels: the night lights mirrored on wet streets, a friend's smile, the air infused with New Year's energy. To grasp these moments necessitates perpetual mindfulness.

We implore you to seize the moment; otherwise, eternity remains confined within it. The present is an immense current of life, akin to a concealed cuckoo in a magical forest. To partake in this vital celebration, one must trust and embark on the journey. Immerse yourself in life's energies, becoming a fount of vitality.

Who knows? Perhaps, in doing so, you may manifest as a miracle in others' lives, guiding them on their own magical odyssey.

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