29 September, 2023

Creative sea, so Ad Black Sea

By the shores of the Pontus Sea in the southeastern region, the Greeks stumbled upon an exceptional oil reservoir. Thanks to its depth, this locale proved highly accommodating for seafaring vessels, which earned it the moniker "Bathus" in the annals of world nomenclature.

This propitious location owed much to the rich tapestry of culture that enveloped the historical body of Batumi. Colchian, Greek, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, British...a veritable patchwork of influences.

The city's significance surged in the 19th century, when Caspian Sea oil made its inaugural journey to European shores. During this era, oil was a novelty that enthralled both common laborers and magnates alike. Batumi assumed the role of a gateway linking the Caucasus to the Western world.

As the years rolled on, ships yielded to self-propelled vessels, telegraph succumbed to the telephone and the Internet, and the globe seemingly contracted in size. However, Batumi retained its pivotal function. The era of Soviet isolation cast its shadow, yet today, Batumi is in the process of reclaiming its age-old character.

As the fervor of summer wanes, the city seems to settle into a reprieve, akin to a weary host after a bustling gathering. The sea takes on a velvety texture, and the sun adopts a gentle, airy disposition.

In this season, Batumi springs to life with a medley of festivals, for nothing adorns quaint, petite coastal towns quite like these splendid celebrations. Among them, Ad black sea stands tall, the region's preeminent advertising industry event. The creative scene has burgeoned to such an extent that a festival became an inevitable outcome.

As if this festival etched Georgia firmly onto the global creative map and boldly proclaimed, "My mission is to bridge the creative realms of this region with that of Europe." I shall assume the role of your host, for hospitality is my forte and, above all, what brings me immense joy.

Since 2015, Ad Black Sea has been bringing together the top creative agencies from the following countries in the region: Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan. The participation in this event has been steadily growing year after year.

Batumi, and by extension, Georgia, undeniably lives up to its global mission. Even Borjomi couldn't pass up the opportunity to be part of such an event, as it aligns perfectly with the company's goal of promoting Georgia's name on the international stage.

This year, the festival's Grand Prix was awarded to Azerbaijan, highlighting the industry's innovative approach to addressing challenging social issues. The agency Endorphin's "White Suite Girl" campaign, which tackled the issue of early marriage, was particularly noteworthy. This emotionally charged campaign made a profound impact on the jury, earning it the highest number of nominations and awards.
In total, there were 60 prize winners across 11 different categories. Among them, Liquid Myth stood out, securing three awards: Silver for Creative Strategy and Bronze for Direction and Cinematography. These accolades symbolize the collective effort, dedication, and creative thinking that went into crafting the campaign. They are a tangible recognition of the hard work and commitment of many individuals involved in its creation.

Our rekindled legend is about to embark on a festival voyage, setting sail from the enchanting gateway of Batumi. The letter contained within the Borjomi bottle will traverse seas and rivers, cross mountains and oceans, visit cities and islands, all in the noble mission of sharing the timeless and exquisite legend inscribed within with the entire world.

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