Live Water

Live Water

08 September, 2023


Water possesses memory, retaining information and recounting tales. This phenomenon has piqued the interest of not only folklore and romantic poets but also scientists.

The primary objective of our recent campaign was to share the captivating story of Borjomi water with our international friends. There is an abundance of narratives to unveil. It journeys from volcanic rocks to mountain crevices, descending to depths of 8,000 meters. Along the way, it accumulates over 60 elements, merges with other waters, and brings the Earth's warmth to us. It's no miracle, so why keep this narrative to ourselves?

Despite its diverse adventures, we've discovered that Borjomi has never divulged its own enchanting origins. Perhaps it's unspoken, but conveying this essence to people demands great concentration and effort. With this mindset, we conceived a campaign known as "The Revival of the Legend of Borjomi."

It was challenging, but our love for sharing our unique culture with foreign friends knows no bounds, even when obstacles loom large.


The principles inscribed on the emerald tablets – "As above, so below" – held true here as well. Crafting a new campaign mirrored the process of Borjomi's formation, involving the fusion of over 60 elements:

Musicians, dancers, copywriters, cameramen, directors, producers, designers, actors... They blended like minerals in the Earth's crust, each contributing their best qualities to breathe life into the legend, much like Borjomi itself.

The result is a campaign as distinctive and multifaceted as Borjomi.

Perhaps this is the essence of our country's potential – to forge something novel by amalgamating numerous elements, capable of astonishing the world. This endeavor was colossal, spanning from Ukraine to Kazakhstan and encompassing multiple countries concurrently.

The Borjomi narrative permeated all channels, digital and non-digital alike. The deer, the hunter, the forest, the song, the dance, all came to life, perhaps kindled by the vivacity of the water's gurgling. Emerging from the Earth's core, Tina Dalakishvili shared confidences with renowned figures from different nations.

Our remarkable cultural tale resonated deeply with many hearts, delivered with precision akin to acrobatics.

There's no need for words; witness the ring and the creative process firsthand.

However, there's one condition: make sure to impart this to your foreign friends. This achievement isn't solely Borjomi's; it's a credit to everyone who danced, sang, fought, baked khachapuri, laughed, cried, washed shoes, drained wine, knitted socks, and hunted. Without their unseen efforts, this campaign wouldn't be possible. It may sound clichéd, but it's undeniably true.

The entire country stands united behind this endeavor. Our overarching goal was to demonstrate that Borjomi is a testament to our nation's immense wealth.

Indeed, the Earth has a memory, and Borjomi remembers all that transpired on its surface and all that is yet to come.

So, in a single drop, centuries of history converge.

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