01 October, 2022

BORJOMI X DAVID KOMA Borjomi in collaboration with David Koma presents a new, limited edition exclusively for Georgia

Live Water, Live Legend! 

On New Year's Eve, Georgian mineral water Borjomi offers the consumers a new, limited-edition packaging of Borjomi can. The new design was created in collaboration with the world-renowned Georgian designer David Koma, exclusively for Georgia.

For the creation of the Borjomi limited-edition packaging David Koma was inspired by the jewelry of King Tamar, the greatest ruler of Georgia. 

In this collaboration, the two brands - BORJOMI X DAVID KOMA - wanted to create a visual image reflecting our historical heritage. The packaging of the can of Borjomi uses the traditional Georgian green color of Borjomi, the deer symbol of Borjomi and the sparkling elements characteristic of David Koma. 


Vakhtang Antadze, Global Brand Director Borjomi 

“Borjomi is a live legend! We are proud of our history of collaboration with many legends, which we continue with David Koma. Borjomi is a visiting card of our country all over the world. David Koma is also introducing Georgia to the world through his work. Borjomi and David Koma are united by their Georgian origins, so we decided to collaborate with him, and within this collaboration David Koma created a design just for Georgia, once again emphasizing the Georgian identity of the brand.” 


Irina Keidia, Marketing Director, IDS Borjomi Georgia 

”BORJOMI X DAVID KOMA collaboration is symbolic, and I think even more importantly is that - it is a collaboration with a designer who was also born in Georgia and then became known worldwide. David Koma created a limited-edition packaging for Borjomi cans exclusively for Georgia, which are already available on the shelves. Classical elements of Georgian iconography along with the main symbol of Borjomi – a deer were used in the design of the can. Borjomi is an integral part of the holiday and we have made it also a kind of tradition to offer the public a limited-edition packaging on the New Year Eve." 


Internationally acclaimed Georgian designer - David Koma, also known as Davit Komakhidze, was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, he currently lives in London. His work has been internationally recognised by the fashion industry for many years. His clearly defined style, sculptural forms inspired by the female silhouette and sophisticated, elegant clothing are the foundations of David Koma's unwavering creativity. After graduating from prestigious fashion university of London - Central Saint Martins, he founded his own brand and has been a member of London Fashion Week ever since. Despite the numerous international recognitions, David Koma keeps close ties with Georgia. 


David Koma, Designer  

“Borjomi and Georgia are already inseparable. Georgians, no matter where we are and no matter what we create, we always believe that our creation, along with modern challenges, should respond to our identity - where we come from. Although I live abroad, I am a proud Georgian. I consider this cooperation as a special opportunity to return back to my roots. It's also a challenge to contribute designing of a historical product that I have loved for many years. 


History of Georgia, folklore and culture have always been a source of my inspiration. This time, the inspiration is the royal jewelry of King Tamar. I often feature crystallized elements in my work, so I thought it would be a natural direction in this case.  

I have also heard a legend about a deer who discovered the unique Borjomi water. Therefore, I kept this story in the packaging. Along with the integral symbol of the brand, I used the Georgian green color in the design, which is so abundant in Georgia - even the green forests that reflect the water." 

New can of Borjomi 0,33L in volume was produced at Borjomi bottling plant N1. The limited-edition packaging is already available in Georgia. 


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