01 June, 2021

Borjomi Revives a Legend! Live Water, Live Legend

The mineral water Borjomi with its 130-year history starts a new campaign, which focuses on the story of the discovery of juvenile, or pristine water. The video clip tells the legend of Borjomi, according to which a deer wounded by hunters was healed by Borjomi unique water.

Live water, live  legend – that’s the main message of the new communication, as it’s the water that revives the body, mind and soul. 

Irina Keidia, brand manager of Borjomi:
“The legendary Georgian mineral water Borjomi has quite ambitious global plans, we are developing on export markets in many countries around the world, so in the new communication we decided to focus on the Georgian origin of Borjomi and its unique features. This is why we used the story of the discovery of the juvenile water. It is important to mention that the presentation of the new video clip will firstly take place in Georgia and afterwards it will spread to other countries of the world.”

The video clip was shot by the European creative agency Virtue in Georgia, in particular in the Borjomi Gorge, Martvili Canyon, the fairytale Prometheus Cave and Tbilisi. The main character of the video is the model Lika Rigvava and the designer is Ika Bobokhidze. The brand takes us to the fabulous places of Georgia against the background of music created especially for Borjomi by composer Nikoloz Rachveli and the National Symphony Orchestra.

Nikoloz Rachveli, composer:
“I have many interesting memories with Borjomi, which made the process of the work particularly emotional for me. The main task was to show our national identity in a few seconds. I want people living in any country of the world to have an idea of not only Borjomi but the whole country of Georgia as the birthplace of Borjomi after watching this clip. I used a few seconds of Lela Tataraidze’s song “Samshoblo” (“Homeland”) in the first episode of the music piece and I created the second part especially for Borjomi. The symphonic part of the music was recorded by the Georgian National Symphony Orchestra. The electronic part was developed by Giorgi Shamanauri.”

Artistic elements and Georgian symbols were used in the video clip. A special symbol-ornament was created based on the shape of the Bolnisi cross, which is also depicted on the Georgian flag. The symbol-ornament combines the Borjomi spring, the Georgian identity and the deer as a symbol of Borjomi. In order to further emphasize the Georgian identity of the brand on international markets, the communication printed content in “Borjomi” combines the Georgian Mkhedruli font with fonts from different countries.

The new Borjomi commercial will be broadcast on Georgian television and later will be expanded to Europe, Central Asia and the United States.

Many years of research have proven that Borjomi is the water of juvenile origin, which contains over 60 useful minerals. The unique composition and beneficial properties of the water are the basis of the new campaign.

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