22 August, 2019

Borjomi: turning to a new style

IDS Borjomi International continues to implement innovations:

the brand’s unparalleled, daring character is now manifesting itself in the renovated appearance of Borjomi mineral water. The bottle we are so familiar with has received a new design and changed the shape of labels and the appearance of its cap. Moreover, even the legendary logo became more modern and expressive.


“Year after year, generation after generation, Borjomi water continues to enjoy demand, in particular, thanks to unceasing innovations, technological novelties in production process and design transformations. We keep a close eye on all current visual trends: modern colors, forms, trends in graphic design and packaging formats,” Oksana Pankina, IDS Borjomi International Marketing Manager says. “Today, we invite you to take a look at your favorite water brand at a new angle – literally: the label on the bottle has turned by 90 degrees, and the font and illustration style have changed.”

So, Borjomi in a new style is:
• Green cap with raised letters, emphasizing the water brand’s individuality
• Silver color, reflecting lightness and premium class
• Vertical inscription of the brand’s name on the upper label and renovated fonts, making the familiar packaging more stylish and modern
• Innovative style of illustration
• QR code on the lower label for fast access to product information

Borjomi in a new style is already available on store shelves. And of course, with changed appearance of the bottle the unique composition and unparalleled taste of your favorite water remains the same.

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