Gastro Culture

Gastro Culture

15 March, 2024


This time the tour guide will take you to Italy, our host is Nana Zuriashvili, the author of the culinary page buongustaio (gourmet).

“I have been living in Italy since 2013, namely, outside the city of Naples, in the small historic town of Pozzuoli. Pozzuoli is built on an active volcano. I know it sounds quite dangerous, but the place is of unusual beauty. I have been married for 6 years and I have three daughters. So far my career advancement is stopped, but I plan to study architecture from next year. I discovered a great affection for cooking in Italy. I became fond of Italian cuisine. Since I had so much free time, I was studying and making experiments. I think I am a good cook today and I am going to deepen my culinary skills in the nearest future.

Naples has a very long history, both culinary and musical. For those who do not know, the first opera house “San Carlo” was built in Naples and the first pizza was baked. Naples is unique for its noisy and narrow streets, large piazzas, multiple and delicious pizzerias, the best espresso, mozzarella and much more to list.  It is the county of “O sole mio” and many more historical songs.

As this region has sea and sun, people are very joyful, fiery and emotional, somehow they resemble us, Georgians. In my family, regardless of age, everyone loves pasta .. I often cook new pasta and my children often help me with cooking it ... I think that cooking is one of the types of art and it must be necessarily shared, especially at a young age, when they get to know the world ... I think the more things they touch on from childhood, the more imagination and ideas they develop. In general, I like to cook, I always cook and do something, more cereals, less sweet ... but I would say, nothing can be compared to Italian gastronomy.

Italians have hourly meals. Colazione – sweet for breakfast, pranzo- definitely pasta for lunch and then another dish, a glass of wine and finally fruit and dessert. They eat more cereals in the evening. Risotto or soups ... they attach great importance to quality and proper nutrition. My husband loves Georgian cuisine, especially Khachapuri, Georgian cheese and “Dedas bread”. He misses it the most...

The dish that I will share with the readers of Gastro Guide is a kind of experiment that I prepare for friends and family in general ... Beetroot is not very popular in Italy, so I decided to introduce its taste to friends so that they would not forget it and I had a success actually.


For beet risotto you will need:

300 g rice arborio

400 g beets

100 g Gorgonzola (blue cheese)

30 g   walnuts

20 g butter  

A little olive oil

Vegetable broth





First prepare the vegetable broth. Put onions, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, celery in a saucepan and cook for 20 minutes. Peel beets and then grate them.

Put one tablespoon of butter in a separate wide and low saucepan, and when melted, add rice. Let stand for 2 minutes and add the beets, stir for 1 minute and then add the vegetable broth so that it comes out on top. Boil for 15-16 minutes (read the label during cooking) and add the vegetable broth from time to time.

The mass should not be juicy, it should have a creamy texture. Remove from the heat, add gorgonzola and salt, stir well. Transfer onto a plate and garnish with finely chopped walnuts, gorgonzoli and pepper.

Buon appetito!”

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