28 September, 2023

Our game, our legend

The world is in France!

Kangaroos, cougars, dragons, coots, reds and whites, blues and blacks, shamrocks and oaks, and most importantly, leprechauns.

The 20 best teams on the planet are battling for the championship. Rugby, a peculiar sport where the ball is not round.

The world's best are primarily determined by the top-ranked teams, while the rest of us strive to showcase our game.

We achieved this for the first time in 2003, marking a significant milestone for Georgia in the world of rugby. Since then, we have consistently embarked on journeys, winning at least one game every time.

On one occasion, we won two matches, automatically qualifying for the next World Cup.

We came close to a major upset, nearly defeating Ireland, the current number one in the rankings, in the final minutes. We lost by only 14:10 and secured a consolation point. Brave Georgians left a lasting impression, and we fondly recall Giorgi Shkinin's incredible try.

Now, we face a tough subgroup. Apart from Portugal, we have Australia, Fiji, and Wales ahead of us in the rankings.

We lost to Australia, but with a few unfortunate mistakes, we could have scored more. The second half deserves special mention, where we witnessed the familiar Georgian spirit and fighting attitude.

Despite the loss, our national team's performance garnered positive reviews in the foreign press, though the match against Portugal didn't go as planned. Instead of a victory, we barely managed a draw. However, we started the first half strongly, even contemplating a bonus point.

But this is the nature of sports, much like the peaks of American mountains. Great joys sometimes come with disappointments, and both experiences are essential for growth.

Nonetheless, last year's victory against Wales filled us with hope that we can aim for triumph against the giants. "If we beat Wales, why not Fiji?" After all, Wales defeated Fiji, and who's to say we can't? Ball or not, the leprechaun is round. This is how an optimistic Georgian fan's dream looks"

Despite the less-than-favorable result against Portugal, we mustn't lose sight of our goal. We cannot relinquish our weapons.

Our main weapon, the one that helped us win seemingly unwinnable battles, is our remarkable fighting spirit and unwavering faith.

Believe that there is no such thing as an insurmountable situation, and regardless of the opponent's strength, we will fight until the end. It's our character; we can't do it any other way. We know we're not alone, and some greater power is aiding us.

Faith is crucial. Even a tiny mustard seed can move mountains, they say. Fans play a significant role in this.

Our mood, thoughts, emotions, and even our energy levels can have a decisive impact on the field. It's no longer poetry; it's physics.

Invisible strings connect us all, creating a harmonious symphony. We may not see it, but we feel it.

Even at the level of elementary particles, in the quantum world, these small details compose the bigger picture.

Remember how many times you've thought, "If only he had been there, his leg would have been two centimeters ahead, and the ball would have gone..."

In sports, alongside discipline and skills, these "quantum excuses" also play a significant role.

Who knows, perhaps the fate of the match was decided while we were sipping morning coffee and scrolling through social networks?

You'll find that the flapping of a butterfly's wing in Iowa can trigger a hurricane in Indonesia.

Of course, we can't calculate and control everything, but we must give our best effort. To infuse the team with pure energy from here, we must radiate pure energy. Our strings should vibrate at a high frequency.

The life-giving water of Borjomi will assist us in this. We can carry it with us while watching every match, as a loyal friend of Georgian rugby.

We might still face failure, but we'll have no regrets because we'll know that we gave our all.

The leper is Georgia, the rays are all of us.

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